Reviews, Ads, and Other PR Info

Blogging is a labor of love, which is to say I do it for free. The love, adoration, and comments of my fine readers are reward enough. However, running a website is not free, nor is nail polish, so I’m willing to compromise and accept compensation for my blogging.


If you would like to have a product reviewed on Making Geek Look Good, I’d be happy to work with you. Just get in touch with me on my contact page, but please don’t send me products without a heads up. It’ll just get lost in the shuffle and I won’t be able to guarantee a review.

When you send me a product, please include the following information:
A description of the product as well as its monetary value.
A link to the product

I do have a few requirements:

  1. I’m not responsible for any shipping, duties, or associated fees.
  2. All reviews are property of Eye Heart Polish. You’re welcome to quote me or use my photos to promote your own product with proper credits.
  3. While I prefer full sized products for the sake of photos, I can accept minis or sample sizes – just please email me a photo of the full-sized product for posting purposes.

My opinions will always be my own – I’ve built my reputation on authenticity, so I will always write my reviews based on my own personal thoughts about my experiences. If I’m not totally crazy about a product, I’ll contact you to give you the choice to opt out of the review.

Ad Space

I’m totally down with advertising your business on my blog. After all, I do have adspace. These adspaces vary in size and placement, as do the prices, so please contact me for details.

Giveaways & Promotions

At this point, I’m not doing giveaways or paid promotions. If I change my mind, I’ll be sure to update that here, but for now, I’ve chosen to focus on information without bias.