Nail Art Society March Denim Blues Box Review

I’m really excited to share my feedback on my first Nail Art Society box with you guys! I was skeptical about subscribing at first, but after hearing some positive recommendations, I decided to give it a try. I’d heard mixed reviews about Julep, but ended up loving them, so why not give Nail Art Society a shot, too?

First Impressions

My first impressions were that the packaging is cute! The theme for this month’s box was Denim Blues, and they wrapped everything in denim patterned tissue paper. I really appreciate small details like that, and I think they did well on that front.

Nail Art Society April 2014 Unboxing

I also love the burlap drawstring bag holding everything together – I’m a big fan of packaging that can easily be repurposed, and the Nail Art Society bag definitely fits the bill.

Nail Art Society Bag

However, I was quite surprised by how little product I received for $12. Considering that I’ve purchased more for less, it was a bit of a disappointment.


On top of that, I was disappointed to see that there wasn’t really any information on where to buy the products in the set, their prices, or how to use them. As of the time of publishing, the products aren’t available for purchase on Nail Art Society’s site, either.

The Polish

The polish included in this month’s box is by a brand called Habit and the color I received is Belle Epoque.

The Habit Belle Epoque

While it’s not my fave color (I’d describe it as a cornflower blue), it is still a lovely color and fitting for the month’s theme.

I love the design of the brand’s packaging – the bottle cap is such a lovely detail, and I like that it isn’t a cap that covers the wand’s handle, too. It’s a lot more surface area which allows for a solid grip and greater control, which is especially helpful because the wand itself is pretty short (but worry not- the brush is a normal length).

Habit Polish Formula

The formula on opening was a consistency I’d expect with any polish, though the smell was a bit different, almost like a vinegar-based cleaning solution mixed with the more familiar polish smell. Habit touts its use of myrrh in their formula, which I’m guessing is a contributing factor to that smell.

One Coat of Habit Polish

I liked that it was mostly opaque after one coat (as pictured above), though it does go on a bit streaky and isn’t terribly forgiving as far as the texture is concerned. However, after the second coat of polish, it was just fine.

Polish Consistency After First Hand

It also dried quickly, which turned out to be a pro and a con. The problem that I noticed was that the polish started to thicken on the brush and in the neck of the bottle by the time I’d finished polishing my first hand. The quick-dry factor is also a contributor in the polish’s streakiness, but like I mentioned, all is forgiven with the second coat of polish.

It reached full opacity at two coats, and the color is true to the bottle, which is also a big plus.

The Decals

So first off, there are 20 decals per sheet, and one sheet in each package. The kit included one package of silver zippers and one package of gold zippers, and for the demo, I used the silver zippers.

My first impression was that they’re imported and cheaply made (as evidenced by the text on the packaging, which is pictured above), but so are many of my favorite tools and products, so I’ll give that a pass. What I don’t give a pass are the incomplete instructions on said packaging.

Nail Art Decal Engrish Packaging

Additionally, many of the zipper pulls (okay, all but the vertical ones) are cut off and don’t have the full loop at the end. The problem is the same on both the gold and silver sheets, which leads me to believe it’s more of a printer issue than a one-off misprint.

Nail Art Society Water Decals

I had to look up the instructions on Nail Art Society’s blog, which bothered me just a little bit, but I do appreciate that their instructions included a video. I would have been happier if the instructions were put on the note card or there was a QR code on the card that took me directly to the blog post instead of having to hunt it down, but that’s me being nitpicky (I can’t help it – it’s the UX designer in me).

The decals themselves were easy to use -they applied easily and they weren’t super sticky, so if I wasn’t happy with the placement, I could easily move them until I was.

Nail Water Tattoo

This was my first time using water tattoos on my nails, so I was a little concerned that I could see the clear outlines of the tattoo forms themselves after applying them.

Water Tattoos on Nails Before Topcoat

However, and quite fortunately, I couldn’t see the outline of the decal after applying a topcoat. The instructions recommend 2 coats of top coat, which is what I did, but one coat should be quite sufficient (especially if it’s a thicker formula like Seche Vite or Poshe).

Nail Art Society Denim Blues Final Look

Overall, I’m a fan! I wish I’d tried nail decals sooner, especially considering how cheap they are on Amazon. Using decals is much easier than stamping, and though nail tattoos are one-time-use items, the consistent results are well worth it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I don’t feel like the Denim Blues Nail Art Society box hit it out of the park, but I wasn’t unhappy with it.

I think the biggest issue I take with this kit is that it lacked room for creativity – the wiggle room seemed to be mostly in how the decals were placed, whereas a lot of the other kits I’d seen on Nail Art Society’s site were virtual quagmires of options and creative opportunity.

I should also note my customer service experience: I’d accidentally ordered my box twice, because I wasn’t getting a confirmation screen (I really need to stop trying to do everything from my iPhone). I saw that the transactions had been completed on my card statement, though, so I emailed customer support and they assured me that I’d only pay once and the second transaction would be canceled. It was and the funds were available within 3 days. As a whole, my customer experience was a good one, so props to NAS for that.

Overall, I give this kit a 6/10.

Did you get this month’s box? What did you think? Be sure to share in the comments!