This polish habit of mine isn’t exactly a cheap one. I mean, yeah, I’m really super awesome at finding good deals, but I’m certainly not being paid to do this, and it really is a labor of love. To balance this out, you’ll see the occasional ad, affiliate link, and possibly polishes I’ve received for free for the purpose of reviewing. However, I want to give you (the readers) my assurance on a few things.

1. I promise that any product I endorse is a product that I will stand by.

I wouldn’t want to leave you high and dry, buying a crappy product because of my recommendation. I really appreciate that you read my blog, tweets and more and I hope you’ll still continue doing so. Therefore, I’ll do what I can to maintain my credibility. This means that at the very least, I’ll do my diligence by reading other reviews and trying out products before I send you my endorsement of them.

2. I promise that I will always disclose any sponsored posts, tweets and links.

If I provide a link, you will not have to question whether it is an affiliate link – I will disclose it in parenthesis next to the link (usually it will say “affiliate link”). Similarly, if I post a product review, I will explicitly state if it is sponsored or if the company sent me the product for a review in a brief statement preceding or following the post. You’ll never have to wonder. I’m a firm believer in full disclosure, and it’s something I’ll maintain for you.

3. I promise that if I get free stuff to review, you’ll know it was free stuff I was sent to review.

I’m not promising that it’ll be a glowing review, and honestly, if I don’t have something nice to say about something that a company was gracious enough to send me their product, I probably won’t say anything at all.

4. I promise that I will NOT sell your information.

There are tons of ways to make money online, but there are a few practices that I feel are unfair, unethical and just plain rude. Selling your information is a means of blog monetization that I will NEVER resort to. Your information is private and I will never exploit it. Like I said, I value your conversations and readership – I will not compromise that by selling the information with which you have entrusted me.

5. I promise that I will not abuse your readership.

This means that I won’t spam you with links, post sponsored blogs just to make a buck, or tweet sponsored tweets that I wouldn’t tweet otherwise. Basically, if it looks neat, I might tweet it out. If it is a product I’m already discussing, I might include a fully disclosed affiliate link. If it is a cause, product or label I support, I might sell them blog space to share their message as a sponsored guest blog or just as a sponsored blog post that I’ve written. I will only post things that enhance the information I am sharing, further causes I believe in, and advance others in whom I have faith.

Note: This page is subject to periodic updates.