Nail Treatments: What should I use?

I often see questions and complaints about nail strengthening treatments, most along the lines of “I’ve been using Nail Envy religiously and my nails are still cracking and breaking – why does this not work for me?”. I tried nail “strengtheners” for a time with the result of brittleness and flaky tips, so I decided […]

How to Polish Nails and Get an Even Finish

I’ve seen an infographic floating around on Pinterest on the “correct” way to paint nails, which, while very helpful, isn’t quite what I’d recommend, personally speaking. It was originally posted on Lacquerized, and while I agree with the technique, I think it’s missing a step AND I prefer a different order (I’ll explain why after […]

The At-Home Manicure How To

An ongoing struggle I hear a lot about is the question of “why isn’t my at-home mani lasting as long as the one I paid $20 for at the salon?”. There are a few things that usually come to mind, like how cuticles are treated, the fact that many people skip base and top coats […]

Nail Structure: What’s What

As you learn more about nail care, it will be absolutely essential to know what exactly is what and where. To that end, I made a nail structure visual and vocabulary guide to help you through your nail art and nail care adventures! The Vocabulary For all intents andĀ purposes, we’re going to call the end […]

Quick Guide: Nail Shapes

Square The top of the nail is flattened and the walls of the nail come straight out from the nail bed. They should not taper in or flare out. This is arguably the strongest nail shape, but isn’t necessarily the best looking nail shape if your nail beds are short and wide. Additionally, the sharp […]