Art Deco Geometric Mani Tutorial

Geometric Mani Tutorial

  1. Start with a dry, painted nail. Place a length of striping tape on the nail diagonally from one corner of the nail bed to the opposite corner of the nail’s tip.
  2. Cross the second length of striping tape on the remaining corner of the nail bed to its opposite corner on the nail’s tip, creating an X with an apex at the center of the nail bed.
  3. Place the bottom tip of the next length of striping tape just above the apex of the X you’ve made. Make sure that this length of tape is parallel to the one next to it.
  4. Repeat step three, but in the opposite direction. Be sure that your bottom corners match and that both lengths are approximately the same distance from the starting X!
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 in each window surrounding your X.
  6. (Optional) Trim down the ends of your striping tape. I highly recommend leaving a slight overhang near the tip, so you have a little tab to pull up when it’s time to remove the tape.
  7. Apply your nail polish of choice over the top.
  8. Immediately remove the striping tape by lifting & peeling it off with tweezers or (gently!) with cuticle nippers – DO NOT WAIT FOR THE POLISH TO DRY! If you wait for the polish to dry, you’ll peel it off along with your striping tape. Finish it off by painting on a topcoat and cleaning it all up!

And VOILÁ! You have a standout Art Deco geometric mani.

Polishes Used:
• Julep Rae (Orchid Purple)
• Julep Reiko (Gilded Rose Gold)
• Poshé Fast Drying Topcoat
• NYC Matte Me Crazy Mattifying Topcoat